participation in the 11th Pan-Hellenic Congress of Architects (Athens 2011)

Architecture as a profession was the subject of the work of the 11th National Architecture Conference, organized by the SADAS - Pan-Hellenic Union of Architects. The conference was held Thursday, March 17 until Sunday, March 20, 2011, at Zappion, in association with the Technical Chamber of Greece, under the auspices of M.E.E.C.C and the General Secretary of the Aegean and Island Policy Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Network and with the cooperation of the Greek Section of UIA and Modern Architecture Archives of the Benaki Museum.

The architects have attempted through the conference and pre-conference events, an opening to the Greek society, aiming at the cleanup of roles in contemporary design. They also sought to expand the role of architects in contemporary reality and the policy formulation for Architecture protection and enhancement of the natural and historical wealth.

With our participation in the 11th Congress of Architecture as a newly established NGO, we wanted to give the impetus for volunteering in the architectural work. The presentation focused on specific issues such as the social character of the architecture, the need for identifying problems in society, the citizens' initiative for action, the subject of NGOs and the presentation of the ASF Hellas.

Landmarks of the themes of the 11th National Congress of Architects were:

- Architectural Education
- Commercial rights
- Practice and role of architects
- European space and architecture
- Policy for architecture in modern Greece
- Institutional framework to practice