participation in the 17th Pan-Hellenic Festival of Ecological Agriculture and Handicraft "an other world is here" (Ilion Attikis 2010)

"An other world is here" real and confident. A world that creates, tastes, shares and celebrates. The purpose of the 17th Pan-Hellenic festival of ecological agriculture and handicraft is to bring together personal and collective initiatives on ecological agriculture, the preservation of local varieties, the prohibition on import of genetically modified organisms, the fair trade, the alternative consumption methods and networks of exchange of services and products. The participants wish to embrace a way of living based on self-sufficiency, solidarity, sharing, communal living and respect of nature. The Festival intents not only to promote ecological agriculture but also to present and promote a self organized ecological way of living, based on honest bonds between people and to establish an economic structure based on solidarity.

During the festival an open lab was carried out, named "Getting to know clay as a building material". It was organized by three organizations "ASF- Hellas", "Engineers of the Earth" and "Saligari". The lab was divided in three sections where three techniques of using clay as a construction material were presented, the rammed earth, the adobe and the cob. A bench was constructed using the technique of rammed earth (earth pressed in a mould), several adobe bricks where made with a wooden mould and a wood-fire oven was constructed using the cob method.