participation in the 7th ASF International General Assembly (Porto 2013)

The 7th general assembly of the ASF International was held on 13-14 of Aprinl in Porto, Portugal. ASF Greece participated in the general assmbly with ASF Portugal, ASF UK, ASF France, ASF Spain, ASF Italia, ASF Denmark, ASF Germany, ASF Sweeden, ASF Switzerland, ASF Australia, ASF Congo, ASF Colombia, ASF Tunisia, ASF Macau, ASF Egypt, ASF India, ASF Austria, ASF Belgium, ASF Finland, ARC PEACE NETWORK.

On the 13th of April members from different countries realised a series of lectures based on the title: “The Teaching of Architecture in the Development Process”. The subjects that were set conerned the teaching of architecture and the strategies of sustainbility and development, as well as the organising procedure of programs, policies and funding projects.

On the 14th of April there were discussed administrative topics, we were informed about past and future activities and there were distributed responsibilities to the members. Basic priorities were decided to be the projection of the ASF, the maintenance and improvement of the web site, the acceptance of new members and the economic help to members being in a difficult economic situation.

Besides the information about the administrative and research topics of ASF members, the experience of the general assembly gave to us new references about the members’ activities, new collaboratios and common visions for the future.