About us

Architecture Sans Frontieres-Hellas is a non-governmental organization consisting of architects and other scientists working in the field of non-profit architectural production in Greece and abroad. We aim at improving the quality of life of minorities and vulnerable populations in cases of emergency and other problematic situations, by intervening in the built environment.

Our collaborative strategies specifically aim at offering help to whoever needs it, regardless of colour, sex, religion, political inclination or philosophy. Parallel to architectural production we work as an open research group. Our research focuses on sustainable development including social, economical and ecological strategies within urban environments. We disseminate our research to the public through educational workshops and seminars.

We are members of the independent, non-hierarchical, international network of non-governmental, non-profit organization ASF International (Architectes Sans Frontieres International) whose work in architecture, urbanism and construction promotes cultural heritage and cultivates the social, political, and environmental grounds of society.

Our Objective

Architecture for the people
We practice architecture based on human needs. We are against any form of elitism that ranks architecture as a luxury product for the few.

Housing for everyone
Acting with solidarity, we defend the basic need of humans for descent housing, based on the principles of sustainability.

Architectural Science
We practice architecture as a science, which interrelates and often depends on political, historical, social, anthropological and natural sciences.

Architecture as Art
We believe in architecture as a field of creativity and expression beyond its role as a provider of basic sheltering. Architectural practice embodies artistic work.

Sustainable development
We research and practice architecture in a way that insures a healthy and balanced environment for humans, the flora and fauna, today and in the distant future.

Free dissemination of knowledge
We support and actively participate in the free dissemination of knowledge over the internet, print material and open dialogue.